The Harvest Difference

From the water up, what makes us different?

Durable materials, precision parts, and superior craftsmanship are just some of the reasons a Harvest boat beats the competition.


Thicker Hulls

While our competitors are building pontoons from .080" material, Harvest rolls a more durable and dent resistant .125" aluminum.


Hand Welded

Nose cone for all our pontoons are not simply clamped together and welded. Harvest utilized precision cut parts that are hand welded for durability, functionality, and a modern look.


Welded & Bolted

Once the uprights are installed the hat channels are not only welded, but bolted as well, using threadlock to create incredible longevity to the structural integrity of the boat.


Composite Deck

Harvest quickly becomes a favorite when it comes to our deck material. We don’t use the typical treated plywood. We bond two pieces of acm to create our unique deck material that can resist all of the elements!


Elevator Bolts

Not only do we utilize a unique deck material, we go above and beyond to assure it is confidently fastened to the structure. Typical deck screws do not live up to Harvest standards so we choose elevator bolts for construction


Vinyl Flooring

Standard pontoon equipment is typically carpet floor cover. Once again, this is not up to the Harvest standard so we cover our unique deck material with a number of different vinyl options.


Custom Handrails

Much like everything we do at Harvest, we fabricate our own handrails from the raw materials. From the bending and cutting to the welding and finish


Hurricane Bolts

Everything Harvest assembles is made to last. Our trim and handrails are no exception. Both the trim and handrails are secured with hurricane bolts.

NMMA Member

Member of NMMA

Rest assured, we will meet all requirements of NNMA Certification:

  • Assurance our boats meet the industry standards for the United States (ABYC Standards).
  • Improved consumer confidence.
  • Increased brand respect.

Mission Statement

To improve the lives of our customers, employees, and vendors through true servant leadership and innovative boats!